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I have been a patient at American Chiropractic since its opening in the 1980's. The care I have received has always been the best! Dr. Sasso has helped keep me healthy in a drug-free and positive way. Likewise, it is a pleasure to be treated by Dr. Rabideau. She has extended such good care to me, and I am thankful for all her help/ 

-Lotus from Deerfield Beach, June 2016

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My husband was paralyzed with a paralyzed vocal chord, and we spent almost 10 months going from doctor to doctor with no real help or hope. My husband spent some time talking to Dr. Sasso about his situation, one day when I was coming in for an adjustment. Soon, he began coming in for treatment as well, and so the healing process began. He is now able to eat, drink, sleep, walk up a flight of stairs and even exercise again. His quality of life has improved up to 99% in our eyes, and that makes us all very happy. He still needs treatment, but his bad days are few and far between. All because of the doctors here and staff! 

- Sheri and Joe from Deerfield Beach, November 2012

"The staff at American Chiropractic is always amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and treat you as family. The doctors always make the trip to the office worth it. With little to no wait time, the doctors-- both Dr. Sasso and Dr. Rabideau-- always have a smile on their faces and truly care about your well being, a feeling you don't often get anymore at other offices. My entire family loves American Chiropractic and will continue to return for years to come."

-Paige from Deerfield Beach, August 2014

"Complete Care, from Head to Toe. - Education and gentle pushes in the right direction. The ladies who greet you are always pleasant and inviting; They are professional, caring, and constantly coaching to keep you on the straight and narrow (on time for appointments, too!). Doctors Sasso and Rabideau are amazing! Dr. Rabideau has tailored her treatments to improve the quality of my life. The doctors are positive, encouraging, knowledgeable, upbeat, and extremely qualified to treat whatever challenges are presented to them. The massage therapists are compassionate and informative; they have more experience and qualifications than I've ever seen altogether in one practice. They go the extra mile and have only the patients' best interest in mind. Last, but not least, Yonat Har-Nov is an extremely gifted woman who works hard to give high quality care and to educate you to keep you feeling better. The relief from my sciatica pain is amazing. I have my life back. I thank you Drs Sasso and Rabideau for giving me the best alternative care for my severe scoliosis which I've had since age 13, and am now approaching 70!"

-Janet from Margate, February 2015

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I am 72 years old and have multiple health issues. I began seeing Dr. Sasso for a bulging disc that affects my sciatic nerve which started in July 2014. Your first link with the office is usually Cristina, who is very knowledgeable about the practice. She never rushes you off the phone and goes beyond what you expect. Dr. Deb has the gentlest touch and personality that makes you feel safe. She listens to you and how you feel. Dr. Deb recommended acupuncture, which was new for me. Yonat walked through all the reasons she felt the treatments could help me. She often incorporated physical therapy modalities into my treatment. I am a retired RN but try to do most of my treatments without medications that cover problems. I am a "snowbird" living in Florida only for a few months out of the year. Because of my time constraints, they were very supportive of my decision to mix both chiropractic and traditional pain management techniques to achieve pain relief.  I am nervous about leaving their care, but I am feeling much better. I will be in their office as soon as I return!    

- Patty from Ohio, October 2015

Approximately 18 months ago, I started seeing Yonat Har-Nov for shoulder and neck pain. I had previously been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (A-fib), and I asked her if acupuncture could help with that as well. She said yes she could help me with that, so I continued my treatments with her for both issues. I have also been on blood pressure medication for much of my adult life and had been put on a statin by my cardiologist. I started going to Yonat every two weeks, and I am now on a maintenance program of every three weeks. I have now been off my medicine for six months, and I recently had blood work done that was very satisfying. I have been very impressed with the personal care I have received from Yonat, and I would highly recommend her. Many thanks to Yonat for all her help!

- Robert from Margate, April 2013

American Chiropractic Center Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sasso and now Dr. Rabideau for over 10 years. In 2006 I was in a car accident which seemed minor but, because of the difficulties I was already having in my cervical spine I experienced a considerable setback. Another component of this event was emotional pain. Dr. Sasso and her knowledgeable staff treated my whole mind, body and spirit and I came through the trauma in better condition than I was in when the accident occurred. I remain deeply grateful to American Chiropractic and have been a loyal patient since that time. 

-Janet from Plantation, August 2014


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"Thanks to all the doctors and staff at AC&AC. [We] felt very special with all the attention we got, even down to the "to go" snack that Cristina sent out with [us]. (That snack bar was the BEST!) We will be researching the [natural health] websites that [Dr. Sasso recommended] and feel very blessed to have interacted with all of you. Thanks much!"

-Ron and Kay from Michigan, March 2016