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What IS Chiropractic?

The word "chiropractic" comes from the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (action) and literally means "done by hand."  Instead of prescribing drugs or performing surgery, chiropractors use manual treatment of the spine and joints, massage and exercise therapy to allow the body's natural state of health to fully express itself. 

Like conventional medicine, chiropractic is based upon scientific principles of diagnosis through testing and empirical observations. Treatment is based upon the practitioner's rigorous training and clinical experience.  Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, chiropractic attempts to improve the health of the individual in an effort to avoid illness in the first place. 

What truly differentiates doctors of chiropractic from any other healthcare professional is the fact that chiropractors are the only physicians who are trained to diagnose and treat spinal subluxations, a misalignment and abnormal motion of the spinal vertebrae, which is one of the main causes of pain and disease.  Chiropractic works by removing these subluxations, thereby relieving pressure and irritation on the nerves, restoring joint mobility, and returning the body back to a state of normal function. 

Numerous studies have demonstrated that chiropractic care is one of the most effective treatments for neck and back pain, headaches, whiplash, sports injuries and many other types of musculoskeletal problems.

The chiropractic approach to healthcare is holistic, meaning that it addresses your overall health.   It recognizes that many lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, rest and environment impact your health.  For this reason, chiropractors recommend changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise, and sleep habits in addition to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is so much more than simply a means of relieving pain.  Ultimately, the goal of chiropractic treatment is to restore the body to its natural state of optimal health.  In order to accomplish this, I use a variety of treatment methods as well as counseling on lifestyle issues that impact your health.  Since the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself and to maintain its own health, the primary focus is simply to remove those things which interfere with the body's normal healing ability.